Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Job hunting, Work Reports, Demos, etc.

The Co-Op people at my school keep on pushing the job postings earlier and earlier. As such, I'm starting to try and get my resume up to date. If I manage to find the time in between all of my business, school, and actual work, I'm going to try and get a few cover letters ready for the jobs that seem to always come up that I'm interested in.

I've managed to get time to do my work report, provided its on the windows testing libraries I've written this semester. My last work report went over fairly well with my employer, but the LaTeX class I used for the formatting was a bit out of date, so it didn't go over so well with the school. Through a completely separate mechanism at work, I might be able to get time to do that as well.

My self and Lukas are trying to prepare an internal demo for one of the projects we've worked on. I'm not really sure if we'll be able to get anyone to go to it (although perhaps offering free beer or something of that nature might help :-) ).

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