Sunday, March 05, 2006

Outsourcing, continued

My last post got me thinking. Awhile back I wrote an brief overview of different online free-lancing sites. While this article is written more for programmers/designers it could also serve as a good starting point for anyone looking to contract out work.

There are a large number of different online freelancing locations. As a freelancer it is important to know where to go and find work.

Scriptlance is one of the more popular freelance job boards. You may also find Scriptlance projects listed on other freelance sites since they offer content syndication to people using the freelancers script writen by
smarterscripts . Scriptlance has no initial fee which has made it very attractive. However, it charges the programmer $5 or 5% (which ever is larger) to accept a project. One of the nicer features of Scriptlance is their escrow service which allows both buyer and programmer to rest assured that the transaction will be completed smoothly. Scriptlance has very strict rules about what information can and cannot be communicated before the project is closed, so be sure to read the contracts. Scriptlance has an abundance of projects to choose from.

Rent A Coder (RAC) also has no upfront fee. Rent A Coder charges 15% (a minimum of $3) to accept the project. Rent A Coder also utilizes a escrow system, the primary difference being that it is mandatory. Rent A Coder also has strict rules regarding what may or may not be said, but allows you to post a resume and offers (for an additional fee) a certification program for your credentials. Rent A Coder has a fairly wide selection of projects.

Elance charges an initial setup fee of $120 per quarter plus 8.75% per project. In my personal opinion it is not worth it so we wont really dwell on elance.

Programming Bids has a very nice system by which the buyers can pre-pay their budget and be assured (if win the project is won) of getting paid. This system is similar to the escrow systems at other sites. Their fee is $49 per year for membership along with a 7% commission (a minimum of $10).

Select A Designer
charges $5/month to be able to bid on their projects. They do seem to have quite a few projects but I personally have not used their system (since they have no charge to post a project I am not sure what percentage of the projects actually go through to completion). If you use this place (successfully or unsuccessfully) let me know.

Freelance Web Programming charges $1 for each project which is accepted by the freelancer. Doesn't have many projects, but has a very reasonable commission structure.

Freelanceauctions charges the higher of 10% or $10 for each project which is accepted by the freelancer. Doesn't have many open projects, probably not worth your time.

CGILance is very similar to scriptlance, with a nicer interface, less projects, and slightly lower fees. They charge a 5% commission (minimum of $3) for programmers to accept the projects.

ProjectSpring has a good collection of projects but charges $5/month to be able to bid .

Freelancersdirect doesn't have much in the way of project selection , however it is free to bid on basic but they require $8 per month to bid on premium projects. Probably not worth spending a lot of time on, but things may change as they have taken an aggressive advertising stance recently.

You may also want to check out news groups (you can search using for local jobs. In Ottawa I have seen posts on and so far have been paid fairly well by the people I did work for there. Also a large number of freelancer oriented forums (or sub forums) have popupped up in the last while including

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