Sunday, March 05, 2006

Outsourcing, for small business

Outsourcing has gotten a poor reputation as of late. Outsourcing can be wonderful if done properly.

For a small business, outsourcing gives you the ability to concentrate your efforts on what you are good, freeing you from a lot of tedious things which you might not be very good at.

For example I have absolutely no graphic design skills, I would be crazy to try and make a logo my self. Additionally, we are looking at outsourcing the windows client application for one of our products, since most of the people in our group have stronger Unix backgrounds rather than windows.

At the same point in time, during your initial stages I would recommend against outsourcing support. While it may seem tempting, customer feedback is vital to understanding where you are going wrong with your software.

There are lots of different ways to handle your outsourcing. If your a small business, just starting, I'd recommend using something like scriptlance where by you post what the job is and get competitive bids. However, if you are looking at outsourcing some longer term development you might find it better to higher and individual on a contractual basis. For that you could either go directly, or use any number of different agencies. Personally, I would recommend giving them a small sample project first to see how they perform before committing to anything longer term.

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outsourcing providers Philippines said...

I think that outsourcing would be a smart business strategy for small businesses. They may not have enough finances required to do their business process, and it is important for them to focus their attention to their core competencies in order to help their business grow. Outsourcing allows them to do just that.

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