Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Product Launch, Selling to people

I recently had a very interesting chat with a sales person at my present work. His whole thing is, people buy things for two reasons, they need something or they want something.

So the easiest way to sell to someone is to show them why they need it. Don't try and show them all of the features of the product, but instead be like you need this because otherwise you will loose your data and your business will go bankrupt. Once you've convinced them of that, you can tell them about how your system is better than other systems because of feature XYZ.

For the next three products we are launching the various "needs" they address is:
1)Selling [more] tickets online
2)Reducing support costs
3)Making sure your customers & potential customers can find you

If people don't need your product, you should probably ask your self, why am I making this product?

Its looking like its going to be really difficult to meet this Sundays three product launch plan. Not that I won't be trying :-)
Part of the problem is the necessary knowledge transfer that is going to have to be done at the end before we can actually release the products completely.
One thing, which I completely neglected to notice with the e-ticket software is that most of our potential customers are locked into 1 year or greater contracts. This is going to make it a bit more difficult to sell to them.


Jim said...

You forgot an important part. How will this get the person you are selling to laid.

holden said...

True. I'm thinking the whole, it will help you make more money and chicks dig money angle might work.

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