Thursday, March 16, 2006

Setting Crazy Deadlines to motivate yourself

So, there are three different projects I'm actively involved in trying to get released/launched (plus one if you count my day job). In the interest of working crazy long hours, the target launch date is the end of next week for all three products.

For me, having crazy deadlines motivates me to work extremely hard. At the point in time, don't set deadlines so ridiculously you know you can't meet them. Then there will no motivation to work, because you will be expecting yourself to fail.

On less than entirely a random note, one of the projects just got approval from a key source letting us use some of their material, which is awesome :-) Also, now that one of the main players in the market has agreed to this, it should be much easier to convince the other, slightly smaller, players to go along with our requests.

Edit: I need to learn how to spell :-)

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