Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why you might want a .ca domain name

First, a little bit of background. Since you are on the internet you have no doubt herd of .com and probably also .net and maybe .org,.biz , and so on. These tlds are called gTLDs since they are not limited to just one specific country. However .ca,.us,.ro, and so on are ccTLDs are intended for use inside a specific country.

If you sell products to Canadian consumers, having a .ca can be of great benefit. According to survey conducted on behalf of CIRA 71% of Canadians prefer to use .ca web services instead of .com webservices.

Registering a .ca domain name is relatively inexpensive , (can range from $20 to $70 per year depending on the registrar you chose) . Compared to other investments your company can make into branding, registering a .ca is relatively inexpensive.

As to where to register your .ca domain name, a quick google search can provide you with a good list of registrars.

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