Friday, April 14, 2006

Saving on SSL

Its difficult to start a business, especially when you are student and have very little money.
As such, every expense is considered. With OnLert (a site monitoring service, between my co-founder and my self we allready have most of the resources necessary to start it. One of the things we were missing was a signed SSL certificate. Normally I just go with self signed ssl certificates. But if you are going to be selling your product on-line, you really need a signed ssl certificate.

Rather than shell out the big bucks ($20), we chose to save save save, and get a free trial SSL certificate from instantssl. This gives us 30 days to try and sell something to someone, at which point we will buy an SSL certificate. But, we figure, if after 30 days of trying to sell OnLert to people we have not sold a single copy, we probably won't be able to sell enough copies for it to be worth it.

For most of my other business, I wouldn't do something quite so sketchy, but with OnLert its a fairly simple product and our sales cycle should be fairly short.


Anonymous said...

try for your trial and low cost ssl certificate:

Also, try Rapidssl:

ssl cert said...

That's some very good thinking, with the 30 day trial period, it gives you some time to figure out whether it would be worthwhile to purchase a signed certificate. However, at the same time a month could be too short a period to gauge the amount of interest in what you're selling. I guess it comes down to finding out more about your target audience.

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