Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sketchy Bulk Faxing

One of the few things sketchier then bulk faxing its self is trying to save on bulk faxing. Awhile back I acquired a list of fax numbers for Canadian business and figured I might as well give it a shot. Being the cheap person that I am, I decided to look into trying to do my bulk faxing with VoIP. The proper way to do it involves T.38, however almost every single provider that claimed to support T.38 later turned around a few days latter after my account got transferred from the sales group to the technical group who knew damn well they didn't support T.38. Instead, what I ended up doing was setting up spandsp and using txfax over a high quality connection. For the most part it actually worked (in the sense that the test faxes I sent got through, save one or two). However, the response rate was horrible, so I gave up on it a few months ago.

More recently , I've been trying to get it to work again. However, a number of things have changed since last time. For one, it would appear that the VoIP provider I used has gone far down hill in terms of quality and I can't actually get a fax through at all. However, a number of providers are now claiming to support t.38 (if they actually do is another matter), so that might be a possibilty. In the mean time, I'm using a sketchy company in Ottawa (protus) to do this for me instead. There prices are higher, but they actually work right now.


Anonymous said...

I'm sort of surprised you openly admit to fax spamming. Any time I receive any sort of ad through my fax machine, I immediately add the name of the company to my mental list of stupid companies I'll never patronize.

Also, maybe it's just me, but all the fax ads I ever get are for utter crap products that nobody would voluntarily look into or use; perhaps this is the reason the companies producing said products need to use such an underhanded method of advertising. They have no word-of-mouth to support their product.

Perhaps, then, you should consider revising your product such that it is more desireable to users, then modestly spread the word to associates (internet forums, IM, etc) and rely on word-of-mouth to generate more customers. Getting a reccomendation from a friend is way more effective a plug for a product or company then getting a bunch of your own toner wasted on a piece of paper you bought amounting to a description of a sub-standard product you probably don't want.

holden said...

The bulk faxing I did before was for .ca domain names, and the most recent bulk faxing was done for someone else [trying to get them to sell software that runs accounting software].

I'll openly admit to a lot of things that other people probably aren't so ready to do. Its gotten me in some difficulty in the past, but its sort of how I try and live my life.

There are things I've done I'm not very proud of, but trying to hide them is not very stylish.

The other thing is, I'm willing to try a lot of different things to sell my product, and if it doesn't work I'll move on.

I'll agree with you that word of mouth is way more effective, but generating that initial interest is the difficult part.

With all that being said, I'm probably going to give it one more shot, on a different product. If they don't work, or have a negative reaction, I'll leave it there.

Sorry about the delay, I just noticed this comment.

Martina said...

I immdeiately add the name of the company to my mental list of stupid companies l'll never patronize.

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