Monday, November 20, 2006

All The Code Pre-Alpha DB Built

The All The Code database finished building at about noon today, which means that I can give a reasonable demonstration of it this evening at Demo Camp Ottawa (2). This is a big relief :-)

If it goes reasonably well, I'll see if anyone is interested in seeing an improved version on December 2nd (when Bar Camp Ottawa meets again). On the todo list is generalizing the Ocaml DB back end and moving as much of the computation as possible onto the Amazon Web Search Platform and Amazon Grid and putting a usable user interface on it. Not to mention adding support for cvs/svn and compressed archives :-)

Depending on how much time I have I may add support for C/C++, which is actually more challeging than java thanks to templates, macros, and a reasonable amount of variation between different implementations. I probably won't add any more languages before the beta, since I'm expecting to find out that I've missed something during the beta :-)

Either way All The Code will probably go public beta near the middle of December.

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