Thursday, November 23, 2006


The most interesting technical suggestion I got back from the demo I gave was to offer people the ability to write there own plugins for various languages.

The most powerful part of All The Code is naturally in the anlysis it does, but because of the level which it goes to it actually requires building an AST to be able to extract all of the intersting bits of information. Writing parsers (or even finding and modifying them so they contain the extra information that most parsers through out that I keep) takes a reasonable amount of time to do. Initially I was planning on implementing support for the big languages only and slowly adding support for the less popular languages.

I'm not sure if anyone would actually write plugins for it, but I think making the plugin system for it will force me to keep (at least that part of the code) clean. On the downside, it gives me a whole lot of potential headache to deal with in addition to all of the other things which need to get done. I haven't decided one way or the other, but I'm leaning towards implementing a basic API and seeing if anyone bytes.


Anonymous said...

You could try checking out the Vim parsing code, rip it all out, and voila. No dealing with writing plugins or anything really, almost every language ever is supported already.

Holden Karau said...

Thats an even better idea, thanks. From the looks of it the vim parsing code doesn't extract enough information, but it seems pretty close [and unlike ctags the parsing code doesn't look like it will fall over with one touch :)]

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