Friday, December 08, 2006


Today has been one of those "D'Oh" sort of days for me. I've done such classy things as had programs try and talk to DBs which only exist in my brain. I've "fixed" the same problem ~5 times [each time takes ~30 minutes to run through the batch job and get to the same error], etc. The problem turned out to be that my c wrapper was calling /us/home/holden/ninja/crazy rather than /us/home/holden/sadninja/crazy . Also, shortly after fixing the problem the AWSP framework drove off the metaphorical cliff and stopped allowing queries. D'oh :( Hopefully its fixed for tomorrow?

I was hoping to have everything done for tomorrow afternoon, but Sunday afternoon looks like it may be a more reasonable target now.

There isn't all that much more code that needs to be written, its just getting down to an issue of where I can split up the work so I can use EC2 and fixing the bugs that inevitably appear when I do this :)

On the upside, while I was looking for EC2 related information I found out that I could use S3 to host static pages, which is kind of useful (since my dedicated box's pipe is already pretty well loaded doing other things and I don't want to get another one). I'll probably use them to host the static pages for all the code. ninja style!

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