Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last minute fun

As a lot of people have noticed, you don't really notice a lot of bugs until you actually try and ship something. One of the more frustrating ones is that my AMI image (for Amazon EC2) I had constructed didn't want to boot, which is somewhat inconvenient to say the least. I hadn't noticed the problem, since all of the earlier versions were run on my one dedicated server [with a limited data set]. Fortunately, after a few days of butting my head against the wall I managed to get a working AMI image, so now its just down to getting it to run through my data in time [which is a bit questionable], in part because I did my bench marking on my laptop and assumed that the EC2 images would be faster; but my laptop would appear to be about 4 times faster.

While I was doing some random poking around online, waiting for a batch job to run, I found which has a really cool preview feature. So I randomly added it to AllTheCode, but then I thought back to how I originally discovered it [which was on some website with it and then I went to go find out more about, completely forgetting the originally sight], which seems like a bad thing for visitors to do, so I'm not so sure if I should leave it in the soon to be released version.

Working on code alone all the time can get a little bit boring, so I had a coding party where a few people (~4) all hung out in the same room, drank caffeinated beverages and hacked away on our own projects. If I have enough time in the new year, along with all of the other stuff going on, it is something I'd like to do more often.

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