Saturday, December 09, 2006

Slight Change of Plans

Software, rarely, if ever ships on time and it looks like All The Code will be no exception to this. Well, sort of. The software is sort of done, in the sense that it works, just not well enough. The main problem is one of scaling, that is in my less than scientific tests at anything more than ~10 users it chokes. On the upside, I know why this is and how to fix it, but its going to take a bit more time than I have. Instead of having a public alpha on December 11nth, I will have a by request pre-Alpha on December 11nth and the public Alpha on Jan 2nd. The delay gives me a good solid week of time I can dedicate to fixing the two bottle necks that are slowing it down the most.

If, for some crazy reason, you want to play around with all the code, e-mail me ( ) along with the subject line "All The Code pre-Alpha" and I will either send you back an e-mail with a username & password or I'll let you know if there isn't enough room.

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