Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Downtime, presentatons, etc.

So All The Code recently suffered some downtime and I figured I should probably talk about it. The problem came from the reverse proxy software that I'm using to act as a load balancer and (ironically) avoid nodes that are down. Even then, the reverse proxy going down shouldn't be the end of the world since there are two reverse proxy boxes and ZoneEdit is supposed to failover to the second server in the event the first one goes down. During the brief stint on slashdot, I disabled the second reverse proxy and started using it as just another node to keep up with the load. Sadly, I forgot to switch it back to its old configuration after the load went back to normal, so the failover system didn't work out as planned :)

I've got a full schedule for the next little while, sadly not enough of it involves fun coding, but such is life. This Friday I'm giving a presentation to a small group (3 people) looking at the business aspects of All The Code. I'm also going to be giving a presentation to the Computer Science Club, probably on the 1st or 2nd which will be focusing more on the technical aspects.

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