Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Developing for Two Worlds

Developing for two worlds (Internet and appliance, or perhaps more accurately public and corporate) has its benefits and its downsides.

A lot of my time is spent implementing features which only really are going to be used by the Internet version, or the appliance version. Or, more commonly, after implementing a feature for one of them, I have to do a significant amount of re-tooling the feature to work for the other world. For example, adding tagging to the appliance version of All The Code was able to be done in only a few minutes, however for the Internet version I need to keep in mind the problems of database synchronization, possible untrusted users.

On the other hand, developing for two very different types of users has its occasional benefit. Traditionally with appliance software, and most software which is for internal company use, getting beta testers is much harder than with a public application.

With all that said and done, there are still things which are almost exactly the same. For example improving syntax highlighting is the same bit of code, without having to make changes for either "world".

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