Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AideRSS opens Beta to the public

According to a blog post AideRSS (started by a Waterloo graduate) opened its doors to a public beta today. I've been using AideRSS over the past few weeks to filter my RSS feeds (including slashdot & reddit) and I've been quite impressed.

I'm also using there feed widget on this blog ( look on the left hand side ) to allow people to subscribe to various levels of my inane writings :) They have a screencast on how to add the best posts widget to your blog. If you are a blogger user you might find it easier to go to the layout section, add a page element and then chose HTML element and put the code in there.

Its also proved useful for measuring the takeup/interesting of various blog posts.

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Greg said...

I've used AideRSS too but it drives me nuts these free website use login and password. I switched over to http://www.filtermyrss.com to just filter and go.

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