Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bjarne Stroustrup talks on "C++0x: An Introduction"

Bjarne Stroustrup recently gave a talk entitled "C++0x: An Introduction" to the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club. While most of my programming is done in languages like Ruby and Ocaml these days, it was quite interesting to here about the upcoming features in C++.

A lot of the talk was spent explaining the difficulties of adding language features to a language with such wide usage as C++.

One interesting tidbit that caught my attention is the introduction of "auto" which will apparently do very basic type inference. So where you use to have something like vector::iterator foo = bar.begin() you can instead have auto foo = bar.begin() .

For those of us out there parsing C++ code (codesearch engines, IDEs, etc.) our lives may be getting a bit easier soon. Bjarne mentioned he is working on a re-usuable C++ parsing tool :)

I think someone on the C# team said it best when they said "We are very much aware of the past and are working as quickly as possible to get there."

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