Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bookmarkable URLs

My daily check of the news sites has gotten a whole lot quicker to do thanks to aideRSS and I've managed to find some more interesting things. I'll talk more about aideRSS once I've had the time to poke at it enough.

In my semi-daily perusal I ran across this lovely piece about the importance making urls bookmark friendly. For the most part, All The Code has been relatively free of any of the problems mentioned (we don't over use POST or encode session information into the URLs), but it got me thinking about one possible problem. When All The Code does an index re-build the file IDs for a given program can change, and the links to the code viewer is based on the file ID. Now, index re-builds don't happen all that often with the public version of All The Code, but with the upcoming "enterprise" version index re-builds happen on a more regular basis. With that in mind I quickly whipped up the code to make the links less brittle. If you have a application with a web based interface, I would encourage you to take the few minutes to make your application more bookmark friendly (who knows, it may get you more users).


Ilya Grigorik said...

Mmm, yeah. Bookmarkable urls are a must. Your index is probably a whole different story, but you can also make use of some rails front-end plugins like Rick Olson's permalink fu:


Holden Karau said...

Thats looks neat, I'll definitely look into that.

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