Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guelph DemoCamp 2

I went to the Guelph DemoCamp last night, and there was a larger turnout than last time. The demos included Zoomii books, Delphi, BlogThot , FreshBooks, WSGI, and castroller.

Zoomii books is essentially an alternative interface to online book stores, which attempts to provided a user experience similar to that of a real book store. BlogThot is a twitter clone with better integration with things like video sharing. FreshBooks is a way of billing people. The FreshBooks demo focused on its report card feature, which compares the performance of your company against that of other companies in its system.Castroller is a system for making it easier to manage your podcasts.

Personally, my two favourite demos were the live coding ones, but thats probably just my style. The Delphi demo was a blast from the past, reminding people that a lot of the "new" features in Ruby on Rails, such as SQL query generation, have been around for a long time. While he wasn't actually trying to get people to use Delphi, he encouraged people to at the very least toy around with it so we know what features to steal. The WSGI demo started of with the standard demo application and then proceeded to integrate various components. WSGI's claim to fame is that it allows you to integrate components from different frameworks, making it easier to re-use existing work.

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