Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Subversion Scheme Bindings (this time for mzscheme)

The mzscheme bindings for subversion should now mostly work. As is with any software project, there are probably quite a lot of bugs, if you find any I'd love to hear about them (e-mail ) or if you use the bindings and they do work for you I'd been even more happy to hear about that :).

You can check the latest version out of the scheme-bindings branch from . To build the mzscheme bindings just run "make swig-mzscm", it even produces a plt package (although theres a little bit of extra cruft in the package). You can get an idea of how to use them by looking at the test file (subversion/bindings/swig/mzscheme/tests/run_tests.scm) , along with looking at the exported symbols (subversion/bindings/swig/mzscheme/README).

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