Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BarCampWaterloo4 & Coding

I went to BarCampWaterloo4 which was fun. A lot of past NITI people where there presenting. I gave a brief presentation on All The Code and I got a lot of useful feedback and some interesting suggestions with what to do next. In a quick survey, it seemed the majority of the BarCampWaterloo attendees to be using subversion, with only one person using VSS and a few people using PreForce. One of the more interesting suggestions for a feature was a trac plugin, which is something I'm definitely going to look into. I also got a few suggestions on how to take it forward in terms of a product.

In what is probably the story of almost every developer on the planet, I've managed to underestimate the amount of work involved with almost all of the projects I'm working on. My Google Summer of Code project is coming along a lot slower than I was expecting. I did get some advice, from a friend of mine who has spent a lot of time developing python bindings, on how a better approach to take so I'm going to give that a try. On my other project, the road blocks are largely with getting access to the proprietary tools that I need to interface with, but I think I've found a way to get most of what I need.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lets all beta together, and the benefits of having competitors

Krugle is apparently launching its enterprise search beta soon. One of the benefits of subscribing to my competitions mailing lists is I get to see the wonderful research that they put in to trying to sell there product. For example they site a study which says that 25% of software developers time is spent looking for technical information. Now I can use the same study without having to pay to have one done for me. Go savings :)

Now, to watch for press surrounding Krugle and look for opportunities for follow ups.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wonderful timing

I'm in the process of getting All The Code integrated with more than just AWSP and I was strongly considering replacing the crawling back end entirely with something more modular and just today I got an e-mail from Amazon stating that AWSP is going to be transition to a new (lower cost) platform based on top of S3+EC2. I love it when things line up at just the right times :)

In related news, I'm starting to look around for small to medium sized programming companies in Ontario that are interested in beta testing the new version in either late May or early June.

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