Friday, March 14, 2008

Its pi day!

Today is pi day (3/14 , 3.14)! I'm going to be brining in some pie (the edible kind) into work today, and I'd encourage all math nerds to do the same.No doubt my university will be celibrating, but I'm all the way over on the west coast working on Co-Op for MS (where I don't think they provide the pie) so I must provide my own pie.

Some people insist on waiting until 1:59pm to enjoy pie so its 3.14159, but I'm not a true mathy (CS, although I do my best to blend in) so I'm going to have my pie when I get hungry instead.

In an informal survey (sample size of 4) 100% of people asked for strawberry rhubarb, so I'll be bringing that in (along with the cheapest pie I can find).

Happy pi day calibrations!

Update: A coworker pointed me to this trippy pi video


Anonymous said...

> Some people insist on waiting until 1:59pm to enjoy pie so its 3.14159

Why PM and not AM? I have enjoyed my pie already (at 1:59 am, when most computer geeks are awake, BTW)... :-)

Holden Karau said...

Good point :) A lot of the people participating in pie day @ my seem to be the dreaded morning people (espicially the ones who actually organize the event and arrange for the delivery of the pies). Maybe I will try holding a smaller 1:59am celibration next year for all of the CS nerds :)

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