Sunday, April 20, 2008

Almost Finished at Microsoft & Work Reports

My work term at Microsoft is coming to an end. I've been working on my work report, which will likely be my last post to the blog I have at Microsoft. In the spirit of leaving on a good note, I'm planning on bringing in some beer and scotch for my last day.

Work reports have never been something which I've enjoyed doing even with Simon Law's wonderful work report package. I keep on intending on releasing an updated version of his template, but I have yet to have one of my work reports conform the formatting guidelines, which seem to vary in interpretation from term to term.

I'm looking forward to the break between terms, this term has been too busy for me to get much interesting work done on my own projects. I'm hoping to have something resembling working before I have to jump back into next semester.


sfllaw said...

Yeah, work term reports always seem kind of arbitrary.

This is sad, because uw-wkrpt is a very literal reading of the guidelines. In fact, the documentation justifies each of the weird formatting decisions made by the package, based on the guidelines set at the time it was written.

I suppose things have changed since I went to Waterloo. I'd be happy to make the package available on something like Google Code, where people can collaborate.

Holden Karau said...

That would be awesome sauce :)

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