Monday, July 21, 2008

My start with the OpenMoko/FreeRunner

Now that I have my OpenMoko its time to get started developing for it. I have a number of personal itches that I want to scratch, but like with learning any new language or platform I find it best to start with the smallest useful project possible.

With that in mind I decided I'd create a small opkg (openmoko's package format) to sync the time from the gsm tower. After doing some digging in the gsm daemon it turns out that there are two separate parsing functions, one of which is never called (which is good because it does nothing), and the other which rejects the value reported by both AT&T and T-Mobile [it assumes a range of -48 to 48] and the networks report 138 for GMT-8. Reading GSM 02.42 didn't help much, except specifying that the time resolution must be at least 15 minutes. There seems to be very little, documentation about gsm network time. If you've got an FreeRunner or Neo and some free time and could add:

gsmd_log(GSMD_ERROR,"starting ctzv_parse parse param=%s in unsol\n",param);

to the ctzv_parse function in unsolicited.c file in the gsm module & recompile and let me what get puts in the GSM log along with your location & network information I'd be greatly appreciative :)

In the mean time, my plan for tomorrow is a auto-sensing gprs dialer, because setting up internet by hand on your phone is not fun-times.

I'm hoping to be able to announce and get started on an interesting project for the OpenMoko later on this week, so stay tuned :)


Harmen said...

Great plans. Too bad mine is in backorder....

Holden Karau said...

ohs, waiting is no fun.

Anonymous said...

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