Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost done with interviews

Interviewing for full-time is quite different than what my Co-Op interviews have prepared me for. For one thing, companies are much more interested in having you come on site, which is pretty cool in that I've gotten to see a lot of different work environments, but also has the downside of keeping me busy flying all over. Fortunately, I've managed to get the remaining 2 west coast companies I'm interviewing with to co-ordinate so I don't have to make separate trips out :) I was a little worried with job hunting during this economic slump, but it seems like most technology companies are still hiring (albeit maybe not as many people as before). Having the Amazon offer has made the whole process much less stress-full in some ways, but in other ways its made my schedule a lot more packed since the deadline is the end of this month.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't worry about deadlines if I were you. If they really want you, they can wait, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, even longer if need be.

It's just economic sense to shut out other competitive offers.

Hell you can even tell them straight up that you're still interviewing and if Amazon can wait until so-and-so date.

How can they say no?

Vasant Kumar said...

Actually I'd be careful pushing for an extension bud...

My coworker spoke with the recruiters at Amazon, and apparently they gave out way too many offers this year, and with the economic collapse and don't want as many people taking them anymore..

There's even a full out hiring freeze in Kotasville until January.

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