Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Devicescape, OpenMoko, StarBucks & Boingo mobile

I finally got a replacement battery for my FreeRunner allowing me to perform a rather important test, namely Starbucks support. Unfortunately the Canadian Starbucks use a different Wi-Fi provider than the American Starbucks, so the free wifi login support with Devicescape doesn't currently work. However, Boingo has a free 30 day trial for boingo mobile, which is a roaming partner with Bell (one of the Canadian Starbucks wireless providers) and Devicescape does support boingo hotspots.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the existing code worked with only a few minor modifications. I came across and fixed a minor bug involving not being able to stop the connection process, so you can take back over manual control if you so desire. Once again, if you are interested in testing this release give me a shout ( holden@pigscanfly.ca ), make sure to include openmoko in the subject somewhere so it gets through.

Now that my FreeRunner is working again I'm hoping to get a UI prototype up at the end of next weekend or two.

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