Wednesday, July 08, 2009

update to web2.0collage

my web2.0collage
Originally uploaded by dmcopernicus
I've updated web2.0collage, it now uses stateless web servelets (thanks to a patch in plt scheme :)), which gives the load balancer a much easier time, sine session are no longer sticky. It is covered in a few other places, besides slashdot, now (like gigaom/nyt) and being the hobo that I am, I'm trying to see if I can get the story up on digg ftw :)

If you run into any bugs with it (which is likely) or have suggestions I'd love to hear them :)


Anonymous said...

It seems that this neat little trick doesn't do anything for users of Opera. Any idea why that might be?

Holden Karau said...

Odd, I will investigate.
If you could e-mail me ( ) the final URL you ended up at then I can debug things a bit faster.
Time to go install opera :)

Jeremy said...

Not particularly effective when running NoScript. :)

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